Never knock yourself for being flawed

Things that used to be fun are now a burden,
People I thought I’d always love have now been forgotten,
Heavily lacking confidence but filled with ideas so words are left unspoken,
My pockets are empty not even a gat damn token,

That once happy child filled with smiles is now long gone,
That once free-spirited human being is now uptight and filled groans,

I lack the ability to keep pushing due to my constant doubts in my ability,
I fail to make the best of opportunities provided and instead of moving on, I dwell on the past and gnash my teeth about it,
I overwhelm myself which leads to frustration and find a way to blame it on the people who actually want the best for me,
I run to those who seek out the worst for me and talk about my struggles which has never ended well,
I struggle with accepting the things I can’t change,
I fail to realize that sometimes we all need help and need other people to comfort us,
I assume the worst in every situation due to a negative mindset built up from everything constantly going wrong,
I blame myself for my mother and grandmothers death because I feel like I was there it would have changed a lot and they wouldn’t have been filled with the void the felt when I left home,
I consider myself a major failure, due to constantly comparing myself to others,
I constantly blame and bash myself for every single mistake,
Maybe it’s time to realize I’m human and we’re allowed some mistakes and are all flawed.


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