My Recap of a Great Week

This past week was a pretty interesting week for me, I met some amazing people and I also realized have lost another great friend but I guess it’s all a part of growing up. With work I think I had my worst week yet at my current job because this week various occurrences got the best of me which never happens but in my personal life I made progress from buying the domain for this blog, to knowing that I’m finally surrounded by nothing but good people and positive vibes makes me HAPPY, I kind of get what Pharell was thinking when he wrote that super annoying song. Saturday was probably my favorite day of all I attended the Nigerian parade and it was very interesting, I met this super trackstar and I saw an old friend from my Community College days, later that night I went to NO MALICE PALACE a bar I highly recommend and Overall it was a great night there. parade

Oh yeah excuse my cheesy smile but I had blast yesterday.


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