Just another heartbreak poem

I told myself I would never love you again,
But all these thoughts just went in vain
You are that dream I buried alive
To Be happy I daily strive
I was happiest when I was with you
I am happy now but the happiness is not true
Moments I spent with you were pleasurable
Everything we did was memorable
I get weak and sometimes and it’s you I want
You will never be there ever, and these thoughts always haunt
Days become Months became years so soon
Life without you is not a boon
I remember those lovely eyes of yours, and that beautiful smile
Remembering you is not wise I know
I still am not able to forget you,
I still am not able to find a source in which to live for,
All I see is darkness without you and I feel is sadness,
The sadness is engulfing me
The walls are closing in on me
Constant Sadness, hurt, and anger permeating the air around me
Choking me with their intensity until I’m on my knees
I can make any other sounds other than my cries.


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