Don’t we all Love poems about heartbreak

Love, maybe it was the word that everyone wants to have
Its the only thing that makes some people happy
Even though everything is falling apart already
Love is something that everyone wants to achieve
Especially when it comes from the person that you really admire.
Like a fool I gave my heart my heart away
I offered my heart to someone I thought was deserving
I gave my love to someone whom I thought was right
To someone who just took me for granted
A person who did nothing but my heart ache

A heartache that made everything fall between us!!
I should have known since the first time I looked into your eyes
sadly that we will never fall apart and hearts will forever long for each other
I wanted to love you like you never been love before
How could I possibly do that now?,
Now that you left me with no good reason
and took all the happiness I felt with you
I hate everything and everyone is how i feel right now
nothing good will ever come without you on my side is all I think
You used to be the best part of my dreams at night and the first i wanted to see daily

Now you’re my worst nightmare and I hate to even cross paths with you.

SIDENOTE: A lot of my heartbreak poems are actually personal stories, some are how imagined the women I broke off things with in the past felt and some are how I genuinely feel.



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