Yearning for his love

You know we all have that one person that we greatly want to be accepted by and wish they understood the way we feel about them or the way they make us feel and the kind of impact their words have on us. Like for me there’s this one person who I yearn to be loved by and I hope they understand me but that hasn’t been this case.

Over the past year many events have occurred, from a terrible break up to losing it all and having to start several times over but I stand brave and strong due to the help of a few good people I have around me but my greatest struggle has been getting this one person to understand me and just give me a chance. I have tried everything possible even as far as asking my therapist to find ways of getting rid of this person but that made things worse I must say and now I have no choice but to face them and hope they once again accept me.

Now, while you’re reading you’d think it was about an old friend or an ex but no its about my father. Our relationship hasn’t been the greatest actually we don’t have one and that hurts me a lot because its something have tried to make work and i’ll keep on trying and i also hope my relationship with my future son doesn’t turn out the same way.


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