Mama was right

Wild & Crazy adventures and his eagerness to be accepted by all led to his ruin,
For a while he thought he was on top and ahead of the pack but he didn’t realize he was just another member of the pack, he never realized he was constantly trying to be like them instead of standing out.
He was warned but he failed to listen, but who would when everything seems to be going right and you believe in your heart that you have it all figured out. His life many envied but if only they realized he was a coon and pretending to be what he really wasn’t.
Now he’s stuck, stuck with troubles to deal with, Stuck with debt and regrets, stuck with thoughts of the fact he has to live in hell, live in hell while he lives on hell of a life. His health he fears for, his wealth is all gone.
If only he had listened , if only he had realized what was coming for him, if only he had thought twice before making those decisions, if only he had know everything he knows now back then.
Now he’s coming to the realization that she was right, she knew what she was saying, she knew better then he knew himself. She told him what to do, she warned of the consequences of what kind of life he was living. After all this he sat and thought to himself saying ” she was right, Mama was right “.


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