Heart filled with hate

Today we’re best friends tomorrow we’re worst enemies, today you’re my family tomorrow you’re a stranger. In all having you in my life was impactful, with you I shared secrets which are no longer secrets because with you I shared, spending time with you was something I longed for, with you around my heart felt at peace and at home, with you around my mind was settled and found whatever it longed for, but all of a sudden all that changed.
All I could feel towards you was rage and anger, anytime I saw you my mind was unsettled and mostly felt far from you, whenever you came around around my heart will beat faster and just come to a state of panic, how did all this change? I used to always wanna spend time with you but now I look forward to the days im not with you and my heart no longer beats for you and my thoughts no longer revolve around you.
Even while writing this my thumbs filled with rage and my heart filled hate and oh how much I hope my words do nothing but feel you with pain. The pain you made me feel, and to all the times you put me down I hope you’re let down but with all this I still want you to know, I love you and don’t wish you the best.


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