Domestic Violence isn’t something to joke about

I woke up this morning and a friend had sent me a link to TMZ article and to say what I read not only boggled me but it also upset me to my stomach that people could be so disgusting and ignorant and will do anything and everything for Likes .Ray-Rice-halloween-costume-3Now when you look at this image right here i’m sure you can pretty much see what I’m talking about. Like what kind of people with any sense of decency think this could be funny all in the name of an Halloween costume, I could only imagine if that woman would still be smiling if she she was the wife who was battered and abused but yeven she’s not as a woman you should know thats a joking matter . Everyday around the world 100’s of women are assaulted for absolutely no reason and unfortunately majority of them never make it to primetime news but here is situation with a Famous Athlete abused his wife and now he’s still trying to fix his image and also raise awareness on why no woman should ever put their hands on a woman but some sickos find it funny.Ray-Rice-halloween-costume-4 Like look at this cunt who dressed his kid up as Ray Rice for Halloween and gives him a female doll to drag it. How is this funny? Its sickening and saddening, that poor woman Janay Rice now has to relive that pain through these images.

Please, Humans we can do better, seeing things like this makes me lose hope for us. Incase you didn’t know how serious of a problem we have with domestic violence, check out sites like: or and ..



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