We all need (a) Family

I never realized the value of family until I saw how alone I was at all times. No one to celebrate my achievements with and no one to lean my shoulders on when I shed a tear. You know majority of us always feel like I got this or I can do it with nobody’s help but in honesty that’s impossible like even superheroes need help that’s why they came up with the Justice League and X-Men. Now, it might have taken me sometime to realize how much I needed family’s help and how important it is to have some sort of support but once I did i made I made a move.

With that being said, I thought to myself maybe it was time to become kid I once was with great family values and was filled with joy whenever family was around. On that note I decided to shoot my sisters a message and reach out to my brother, letting them know it was time for us to go back to being family and to no surprise they were open for it and welcomed idea with open hands. Also, after recently reconnecting with my dad its been pretty interesting and I love it.

Once again I felt like I was achieving something positive again, I felt like I was really coming to myself. I got the feeling that I was coming to my true happy self and it was another good step towards “Working on a better me”


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