Suicide Note : Part 1

Prozac and Zoloft has been there than most of your so called friends, you spend more time trying to find a way to cover up the problem than actually facing it & fixing it,

Put so much energy into finding ways to make people think you’re happy and fine rather than finding ways to make you happy and fine.

You depend on the bottle to ease the pain temporarily and have endless sexual escapades to feel better about your of self pride and esteem,

You go from relationship to another just to feel secure, then go running off when things become unsure, you use relationships as a cover up for other problems but when relationships become a problem you never seem to accept blame.

Ever thought maybe you were reasons for all your problems, or ever thought maybe they ain’t no problems and you just make them all up. Like everything you think is all in your head.

You’re mad at the world for all your insecurities not realizing its all your fault, so you’re looking for a savior in everyone else but yourself. You’ve become a regular at the self-help section of your bookstore but you read a few pages and then get rid of the book because it tells the story of shitty life and reading it only makes you more depressed.

You get past depression and moving to deeper shit like being suicidal, you cut yourself and burn yourself with hot metal hoping to make the emotional pain become physical.

You’ve seen it all and being through it all, you’ve tried everything is what you believe but just all of a sudden you can’t take it anymore you put a blade through your neck slit your throat and end it all.

This is your suicide note 📝.


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