Trying to find balance

I struggle daily to find motivation, my biggest fear is not being successful, so often times I wonder what’s my purpose here if I can’t beat this fear or why am I still here if I work so hard and I still haven’t gained victory over my fear. You know when people read the first few lines they’d tell me it takes time and I need to be more patient but its so hard to be patient when you’ve once been on top and now you’re at the bottom, it’s hard to accept the fact That “you’re not the man” anymore or that you can provide sufficiently like you used to.
Now, let me explain how I view success; i don’t measure by how much money you have or how many friends you have, for me its measured by what you’ve done, what you’re doing and how much good is it to the world around you and far beyond. You see once you’ve been successful this way the financial aspect of it will come very easily, so that is why now I struggle to find success . I want to able to impact the world around but when you’ve lost every bit of inspiration how do you inspire others? How do you have a positive effect on the people around you? How do I find success?
I’ve come to a couple of conclusions : 1) go back to doing the things that once brought me success. 2) Work hard but not just hard work smart. Hey hopefully they work for me but till they do, I’m taking any suggestions.


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