You can do what you already did

I’m happy that to you I no longer exist but the truth is you can’t undo everything we did, you might say you don’t know me anymore but we both know how much impact we had on each others lives.

I know you’re probably somewhere wishing you never met me, sadly for you I have no regrets, You were the perfect person for me, the best person I ever met but just came in at the wrong time, I tried to warn you but you never did understand, I told you about how damaged I was and how much I needed help, I guess you thought you could save me; maybe you could have but I needed more than saving.

I appreciate the attempt but my life is shit, I made it shit and its up to me to fix it, You know when you say things like “Lets go back to strangers that never met” I begin to ponder if you truly ever cared.

I can’t deny the fact that I gave up on you, me actually us but I was saving you from the disaster I was, I sometimes wish you’d see things from my perspective but then again you have a mind of your own, It’s sad to see everything play out this way but I hope it’s for the best.

I really want to hate you for not wanting to be in my life anymore but I understand you’re hurt, I really want to hate you for continuing life without me but you know what I’m doing the same and I hate myself for that, You see after this is all said and done, I hope that we find peace, I hope that we find closure.

Most importantly I hope you understand I was willing to give it all up for you as much as you were willing to, but now our time is over we both faded into dust and our lives forever remain apart.


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