What’s wrong with this generation?

Was i born the wrong generation? This is a question I’ve constantly asked myself. I feel like at my very young age my mindset and priorities are very much different from most of the people in my age group that I’ve come across. Like most of the women are too focused on finding a boy that “will hold them down” rather than finding a man that they can build with, while most of the men are too worried about “getting fly and getting their dick sucked” excuse my language but those things bother me alot. I feel at the age of 22, I have my degree and my biggest priority right now is starting a career and making sure my family is doing well, but don’t get me wrong I like to look good and have sex but those aren’t my priorities. Today, on my way home on the train I was listening to these guys talk and for a whole 30mins subway ride all they talked about was a “THOT BITCH who couldn’t suck dick right” I laughed to myself and thought what kind of woman will want men like this but apparently some do, Now fast forward to when I get off at the same stop with these guys they’re both talking about how they gotta ask their sister for money and at that moment I put my head down thinking what is wrong with the young men of this generation? why are they so lazy and nonchalant?

I could honestly careless about the men but what bothered the most was the woman they talked about, she knew these guys were friends yet she had sex with both of them in hopes one of them will “wife her up” like seriously? what happened to the generation when women had pride? what happened to the generation of women who were poised to take control? what happened to the generation who were ready to compete with men and not be beneath them? Its sad to see so many women of my generation have LOOSE MORALS and more LOOSE VAGINAS because they too busy hoping on dick than to get on the road and find a better future. I feel like many women in this generation will rather SUCK their way to the top than WORK their way to the top, these all my opinions but you can beg to differ.

i hope one day the men and women of my generation will open their eyes and realize how much power we have to make change and also realize the value of hard work and integrity and most of all learn to behave.


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