Mr Know It All

Most of the time we try to find an answer for everything or we seem to believe we have the solution to every problem but sometimes the best thing to do is to let it happen or as they say go with the flow. I realized that most of the time I am one of those people who seems to have an answer for everything or I get frustrated and flustered when I don’t have a solution to a particular situation. For example, most recently I have been dealing with the “ex-effect” now in the past I’ve always found a way to keep to things cordial with ex’s but for once I actually had no control over this situation, and for me that was strange because in the past have always been able to do this, now instead of just letting things flow I tried forcing the situation but I realized it only made things worse.

The problem with me is that almost everything I’ve ever gotten i feel as come from my ability to manoeuvre any situation, so if for once I couldn’t do this I’d just feel like a big failure but after long hours of thinking I came to the decision that sometimes you just have to fall and let things play out. Life doesn’t always go the way you want so just relax let things happen and eventually things will fall into place. It doesn’t what you’re facing or going through there’s always going to be an outcome and chances are it won’t be the one you want but you have to live with it and learn from it. You don’t have all the answers, you can’t be Mr Fix it all but that doesn’t mean you don’t give it a try but never force something to happen because chances are you’ll be filled with regrets.


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