Suicide Note: Part 2

Off to the emptiness
where I am widely invited.
I do hope loneliness
will consume my soul.

Away the hurt will go.
No more aches because
the dulling numbness,
will take away my feel.

Stretching long and far
is my path,
leading to a place
hoarding the lowest of lows.

One more companion
to guide my way.
I do hope
She doesn’t shun my choice.

Crawling through the years,
peaking upwards
through the vents,
I see the world as it is.

To people pay no attention
the reflection I see.
Only showing dirt,
hopelessness, and debris.

Alas they only see
what is shown to them.
No second glance
of reconsideration.

Warmth and comfort,
turn to foreign concepts.
Taking their place,
hurt and sorrow.

What will become
of my murky reflection,
Tainted? Stained?

Would it be easier,
to just accept?
Skip the pain
right to the killing.

Tear off the leftover shreds
of my feelings.
Plunge into darkness,
hopefully to resurface


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