R.I.P to my unborn child

It happened several times before, so why is she refusing to give more, who cares anyway because after several words he finally convinced her, convinced her to let him undress her while he slowly bites her neck, work his way down to her breast ( breast so huge they were sometimes hard to handle), slowly go down in between her legs while moans then she stopped for a second and asked where was the rubber, he gave it to her and she orally placed it on his _____.
Then he turned her back around and put her in his favorite position and he put his ____ in between her legs and she screamed, the screaming became moaning, moaning to trash talk and in between the trash talk she said what if I told you I was pregnant and laughed with disbelief, he kept going but then again she says what if I was pregnant, ‘his answers were we gonna get rid of  it’ and she yelled pull out and he did so. Silence was in the room she kept quiet to herself while he scratched his head, out of no where she breaks her silence and said ” I should have known you wasn’t shit  like remember when you said you wasn’t going to be like your father, well now you that nigga”. With frustration and anger in his voice and with resentment in his tone he said “you a hoe anyways so lets get rid of this kid”.
Tears and tears rolled down her eyes, curse words in every language she knew, she finally calm down and said “yeah ima get an abortion” but you gonna come with me and pay for this shit too”. Well he never went with her and he only gave her half the money so now they’ve become enemies and months past by with no communication but deep inside of him he wished her never did that, he wishes he never got rid of that child that could have changed his life and make everything alright.
Too late now he said to himself, now I killed someone he thought to himself, if only I could have been older and wiser he thought to himself. I had a chance to bring life into this world and I fucked it up.


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