The blade isn’t cold anymore,                                                                                                      so I pick up a lighter to burn my skin,                                                                                     the lovely feeling I get from the fire burning me up,                                                             so I go straight for my neck as my skin slowly melts.

Burn, Burn, let it burn is all I think to myself,                                                                   finally, the candle goes off and all I feel is pain,                                                                pain the best feeling of all, how much I love thee,                                                                   I should bathe in bowl of diesel and set myself on fire.

Oh fire, how much the site of you turns me on,                                                                      I’d love to swim in a pool of fire maybe it’d wipe away my pain,                                      I’d love to spend years in hell, maybe that’s where I belong,                                                I hate that you can’t be a constant part of me.

To everyone who’s ever broken my heart thank you,                                                           to everyone who’s ever toyed with my emotions; thank you,                                           for without you I would have never found my love “Fire”,                                                     I hope these few words can explain my love for you.

One day, I’d get the courage to end it all,                                                                               save myself and many others from any mischief I could create,                                     I’ll wake up one day and burn my skin slowly,                                                                       sit in my room, Pour some gas on the floor, light a match and Burn it all.

On that day, I make love for the burn official,                                                                         On that day I’ll end it all, I know so many people will be joyous,                                     On that day I’ll ascend to the ultimate burn the place I belong,                                       On that day Hell will welcome a new Prince.



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