Nothing Makes Sense: Part 2

Lately, its been extremely hard for me to put my thoughts together, I find myself being upset for reasons I cant explain and happy for reasons I didn’t even know could excite me. I’ll put as have been emotionally unstable from trying to deal with my Personal as well as Professional problems but for some reason they all intertwine, like i try to wonder why they do because in the past that never happened but now its an everyday thing and its beginning to bother me alot.
For example, this past week on Wednesday I was a pretty good day until I got to work then an incident occurred and it messed up my whole mood which is quite unusual, then the day afterwards i had gotten into an argument with former friend and that messed up my work ethic which is something that had never occurred in the past. So I had to take time out and think to myself, what is going on ? And i realized all along the answer was right in front of me, i was simply overwhelmed. I realized that I’m trying to too many things at one time, like its impossible to do it all. Most especially when you’re trying to do it yourself like it doesn’t hurt to ask for help sometime or just take things nice and slow, because no man can do it all, no man has all the answers so it doesn’t hurt to ask for help.

How come now that i’ve come to realize that we all need help and I want the help, no one wants to anymore? I remember when everyone did offer a helping hand, I always said I was good, I guess they all believed so and walked away because “I was good”. Well the truth is i’m not good and if you look deep into my eyes I am crying for help, someone to take away my misery and help get rid of all the hurt, or maybe I just need some to get rid of my loneliness or maybe I don’t need anyone and I’m just caught up in the moment but I do know I need help, I need some kind of help. I just want to find a way because right now, NOTHING MAKES SENSE AT ALL.


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