Dad, I’m Sorry !!!

Dear Father,
I’m sorry I disappointed you
I’m sorry I made you so mad
I’m sorry I wasn’t a great son
I’m sorry you were a horrible dad
I’m sorry I let you break me
I’m sorry I walked away
I’m sorry I couldn’t take it
I’m sorry is all that I can say
I’m sorry you where always to busy
I’m sorry I pushed you out of my life
I’m sorry I wasn’t important as your new ex wife and her kids
I’m sorry you always made up lies
I’m sorry I hated you
I’m sorry you never cared
I’m sorry I cut your name in my wrist
I’m sorry I acted like I wasn’t pissed
I’m sorry I wasn’t your favorite kid
I’m sorry for all of this
I’m sorry I’m acting just like you
I’m sorry for all the things you put me through
I’m sorry I went to the hospital
I’m sorry you came to see me and I told you leave
I’m sorry I said you meant something when you didn’t
I’m sorry I was a fool
I’m sorry that my blood wasn’t enough to show you
I’m sorry that I tried so hard to be enough for you
I’m sorry I wasn’t perfect
I’m sorry I told you that you never where there
I’m sorry that your gone
I’m sorry that I spent my time to hold on
To a lost cause, because I knew you where never there
I’m sorry that this pain was to much for me to bear
I’m sorry I’m dead inside and you’ll never see
I’m sorry that all the things you put me through did this to me
Love your son, Yemi


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