Just another misguided youth.

I envy you kids with responsible fathers, the kids with fathers who care, the kids whose fathers are actually there. They provide you with everything, now I don’t mean no food or clothing or shelter. I mean words of wisdom, words of comfort, I mean constantly showing support with everything you do. Man I don’t need no money from my father but I most definitely could use his presence, I know I lack guidance which has led to me so much ruin, I wish he would just call me sometime and talk to me about life but I only have those talks with a couple of misguided young men like myself. I say misguided because we all got the same father issues, our fathers were more off Sperm-Donors than actual parents, its like these dudes never wanted us so why did you help conceive us? My mother was everything and more for me but its been almost 2years since she’s been gone and ever since then my life has been in shambles. I thought after she passed maybe her sperm donor will step up but just like every other deadbeat this man ain’t do nothing. I’m not going to bash him because I see some of myself in him but this is just a reminder to myself that I have to be a better man and father than he ever was and is.


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