God has a plan for me, I just have to be patient and it will come.

I remember when things were great and then they worst and became even horrible but I can’t dwell on that and I now realize God has a plan for me, I just have to be patient and it will come.

For a while now, I always wondered why things  never seem to go the way I plan. I thought maybe its because I was such a terrible person or because I was going about things the wrong way, but I had to sit and think wisely and I realized it was actually because I was doing all by myself, I realized it was because I was Mr I don’t need any help. I really did feel like I could do anything and everything without help from anyone but time after time I realized that was a big fat lie, so I reached out to a couple of friends for help and none could do much so I’d even more upset and frustrated, Until one faithful I got a call from an old flame, we hadn’t spoke in quite sometime and she talked to me about how I needed to get closer to God and that was all the help I needed. At that time in my head it sounded crazy because I had given up on religion and God after my mom died but after much of what my friend said I decided to pray and I read the bible; soon afterwards this became a habit and must I say I began to see changes. I honestly felt alot more refreshed and I could say I felt more confident and relaxed, is this God manifesting his will in my life? Or are things just going according to my plans? I had to sit and think of an answer and all I could come up with was this is God’s will manifesting.

Last night, after I got home from a night out with a couple of old co-workers I sat and thought to myself about how fast my life was changing and how I had no control over it, but I have to the conclusion that I won’t obsess over this anymore and i’ll let God take flight in my life. I can honestly say he has changed things for better, even though its not as fast as I want but I do see changes from when I was prayerless.

God’s love is real, he his of a kind of heart and in whatever you speak with him, he his willing and able to answer.


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