I will let positive thoughts make my day complete

Recently, I’ve been extremely unhappy and doubting myself alot. I have been filled with nothing but negative thoughts and terrible energy and it seems like the same things keep hapepening over and over again. Now, most times when things get this way, I just runaway from everything and everyone but this time around I’ve decided to face my problems and try in several ways to over come them rather than running from them.

These few words below, are the words I say to myself whenever I need change. I hope in them you can find comfort;

In the book of life

I have turned a new page

I am beginning a new chapter

Free of guilt and rage

Part two of my book

Will be refreshingly new

I will let positive thoughts make my day complete

I have decided that I won’t give up, once and for all

Even in tough times, I will stand tall

I’ll keep pushing even if I am tired

I won’t stop until I get what I desire

I’ll keep trying even if I am out of breath,

Nothing will scare me, not even death.


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