All I can say is I tried, I tried and I tried..

All I can say is I tried.

My best, my hardest.
I tried to love you and now get over you.
It won’t fade, I can’t seem to let go
Let go of the past I regret it.

I let you down I pushed you out.
My deepest thoughts were consumed with doubt.
Fear of a let down or something real
I didn’t know just what to feel.

When the confusion was lifted and I reached for you
there was nothing left just a stunning view
Moments and moments passed but next thing I know
I went from first to last

You say I’m just a friend
I can’t even begin to pretend
I’m OK with a chat or you stealing my hat
but i’m lying here lifeless face down on the mat

A knockout blow
I’ve never been so low
You used to be my everything but now you’re just another “thot”
I remember when I used to say princess you’re all I got

I tried to make you see
how much you mean to me
you stood there stone cold
and it has really gotten old

You know i see right through you
and what you think is best for you
but one again the future repeats the past
will this stubbornness really last

All I can say is I tried, I tried and I tried..


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