Brains Over Booty

Yes you got a fat ass but okay? Where is your brain at? What more do you have to offer? What else do you bring to the table? When the ass is gone what do you do? You go get refills or your life is just over?

I’ve never gotten the fascination with big butts, like don’t get me wrong its fun to stare at and it makes sex more fun but in the long run you get tired of it, well from my experience especially when they have nothing else to offer. Another thing I don’t understand is the women who believe their asses and body could get them through life, like don’t you realize looks fade away then after that what’s your back plan? What are you going to make of yourself? You do realize one that ass is gone all these fawning after you and willing to spend their wealth on you will disappear once that ass is gone.

Like I don’t understand this generation anymore what happened to the young black men and women who wanted to take over the world with their brains not bodies. Like Coretta was a beautiful woman but you never read about any stories of her sexualizing herself yet she had an impact on the world or yet in this day and age we have Oprah, so why is that women these days just want the easy way out? They want the fast money and easy money life style but they don’t realize the good money is the one you work hard for. It’s the one that helps you out in the long term, it’s the one that helps you out when your bones are weak and old age has taken effect.

People of this generation, especially the women, Please let us do better. Like a wise soul once said you educate a woman and you educate the world so please women of this generation understand that booty will bring you attention but brains will bring you power.


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