How about we stop playing games and take it to the next level. How about you stop making excuses and let me know what you want & where you stand. I realize this has become a common problem with this generation, it’s like a lot of people want the perks of being in a relationship but don’t want the actual thing so they’ve come up with a term called ‘TALKING’.
Now this is one term that absolutely bothers me so the other day while with a couple of coworkers I asked what talking meant to them and they all said different things from dating to something called Pre-Dating but my definition of TALKING is simple. It’s a stage where confused young adults came up with so they can still have the person they want and do hoe shit.
Personally speaking I believe talking is nonsense if you want to be with someone then you should go ahead and be with them, then if not keep your confusion to yourself and stop fucking over the good people who want something genuine.


Beautiful Black Woman

As I stared at her, I saw beautiful brown eyes that could heal the world,
As I stared at her, I saw a skin so pure it could absorb every sun ray,
As I stared at her, I saw hair so magical it defies every law of gravity,
May I Say Black Women are Enchanting & Alluring..

I miss NewYork

I’ll be back.
I started boxing up what should be the last set of things that I was going to pack up and then I came across my old cell phone and I charged it up. When I started reading through my old messages I saw some conversations with my mom in which I told her I was going to turn NY into my gold mine, that was about 3 years ago on my 20th birthday and 3 years later as my 23rd birthday approaches, i’ll be leaving NYC to go start all over in North Carolina. Words can’t describe how disappointed I am in myself that I couldn’t achieve at least 60% of the goals I set for myself here and as I write this tears role down my eyes because I feel like my time here was wasted, but instead of beating myself up and being sad, I am going to see moving as a chance to go away get some new ideas and come back super charged and refreshed

Another Sappy Poem

I know you want your space and you do not want anything to do with me but I have never been this clueless.

Not even when I failed again and again
I can’t pinpoint exactly how I feel
It’s not happiness, it is not pain
I guess it is just your absence
Which is making itself known
Maybe this weird state of emptiness
Is my heart’s moan
But I don’t know what to do
I was hoping you have a solution
For my hollow heart and lost soul
I miss you