I miss NewYork

I’ll be back.
I started boxing up what should be the last set of things that I was going to pack up and then I came across my old cell phone and I charged it up. When I started reading through my old messages I saw some conversations with my mom in which I told her I was going to turn NY into my gold mine, that was about 3 years ago on my 20th birthday and 3 years later as my 23rd birthday approaches, i’ll be leaving NYC to go start all over in North Carolina. Words can’t describe how disappointed I am in myself that I couldn’t achieve at least 60% of the goals I set for myself here and as I write this tears role down my eyes because I feel like my time here was wasted, but instead of beating myself up and being sad, I am going to see moving as a chance to go away get some new ideas and come back super charged and refreshed


2 thoughts on “I miss NewYork”

  1. It always sucks when you set a goal and don’t accomplish what you wanted to. Sorry to hear that, but don’t be sad, new start! And who knows… You may even accomplish way more than you could imagine in NC


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