Story Time: Bad Kitty. 

Just the way we met alone was rather interesting, she took the first approach and complimented on how unattractive I looked but something was still pulling her to talk to me, and this was on public train. A few minutes after she said this my stop on the train approached and she agrees to get off at that stop so we could chat some more.
The conversations were kickass and may I say she was a beauty, the best part of it all was she understood that I didn’t want anything serious and we agreed to best FWB’s. After this agreement we set up a day for things to finally go down and on like anything else in my life at that moment I was counting down to this. 
This faithful Tuesday morning, she called me and said she was on her way with excitement in my voice. I yelled hell yes, 33minutes later she arrived and I was filled with Joy. Once she arrived I let her in and then ran to the bathroom, took a shower and brushed my teeth to make sure I was as fresh as she was. I got out and we got straight to it, a little kissing and biting( Just the way I like it). Finally, I took my towel off while she undressed, I asked to pull her pants and may I say when I did I wish I had never asked because all my excitement was shattered it was like something had pressed through my heart. An undesirable & indescribable odor came from below, it was like several fishes were killed and buried down there, tears rolled down my eyes I tied my towel and went out of the room. 
Minutes later I came back in and I think she got the point, with no words exchanged she got dressed, got her bag and left the room.
Nah bro, that thing was crazy stank. 


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