My name is Adeyemi Adegboyega Osibogun, I am of Nigerian descent and a proud Yoruba man. My full name actually means “I deserve to be king and the crown makes the king special”. Ever since I was a child writing has always been a passion of mine, I remember being in middle school and my seniors would pay to write love letters for them, like Valentine’s Day was my favorite because days before that I’d hit like money boom because of how much notes I had to write. Fast forward that to June of 2014, when I got my BA in creative writing, and ever since then I’ve been chasing that dream of becoming a screenwriter. As a writer & photographer, I absolutely hate posing for pictures because of how awkward I can be and I also didn’t realize how hard it is to write about myself. I can’t really understand why but here are some pretty awesome things about myself.

My ultimate goal in life was to be an amazing screenwriter, but while chasing this goal I discovered my love for photography and ever since then these two things (writing and photography) I’ve been keeping me going. They’ve helped me get over my long struggle with depression and I’ve also given me a platform to express my art.

I’m a big lover of the arts and lover of life, I enjoy traveling and moving. Fun fact: I have lived in every borough in NYC, and I plan to live in every major city on the east coast and share my love for the arts there.
Now you know who the kid is, I go by Yemi for short but if you really f** with me heavy you can call me NAPPYZEUS. P.S that’s my Instagram name and my blog is also http://www.nappyzeus.com. Show the kid some love.