Tell me how

Tell me how I’m supposed to believe in a God who has done nothing but bring me and my loved ones nothing but pain and hurt.
Tell me how I’m supposed to believe in a God who constantly finds new ways to kill the best of people.
Tell me I’m supposed to believe who has consistently let countries go to war or creates division over ways people worship him.

Tell me how I’m supposed to believe in a God who doesn’t seem to hear the cry of the poor but answers the call of the rich; because what we see the is the pockets of the rich getting fatter and their steadily getting better since they can afford the best health care, the best meals and the best lifestyle ; while the poor continue to have flatter pockets and get bigger in weight and their health depreciates because they can’t afford the best of everything.
Tell how I’m supposed to believe in a God who’s deserted me at my weakest.

Lately, I’ve met several like minded people who suffer from depression due to the passing of a loved one, or due to economic situations and these are people who believe in this God; now I ask if this man has done nothing but bring you hurt by taking away these loved or leave you in the worst financial situations; How am I supposed to believe in this God?
This fictional character is who I believe he his. It was a man-made system built to control us due to Human’s need for a constant belief system and a sense of guidance or the need to be followers in a general sense.
His name was used to capture my people slaves and lead into captivity and create a great division, yet he never did anything to stop it.
Tell me how am I supposed to believe in this God? Tell how exactly do you believe in one who has done nothing but consistently disappointed you?


To be continued

Happiness at last? So it may seem,

I can see myself smiling all over again,

I can see my heart beating regularly again,

Am I finally finding what I’ve been searching for many years now?

This day might just be a miracle in the making.


I woke up feeling rejuvenated,

I woke up with motivation to do everything and anything,

So I hop out of bed, and make breakfast, take a shower and set out for the day.

I can’t deny that even though, I feel very energized something at the back of my head was just waiting for everything to go wrong.


I tried so enjoy to hard to enjoy the moment, but my head kept feeling up with various thoughts of torment, unfortunately being sad had become my natural element,

It’s become so natural that whenever I experience something good from other people I question why they’ve given me such treatment.

Never give up

In life, to succeed and to win

First you must fight a battle within

Perseverance is the only thing

That will push you, like a spring

You must keep trying

You must keep pushing

If you want something real bad

Even if you feel tired and sad.

Never give up on the person you love

Never give up on your own life

Never give up on your dreams

Don’t quit in times of strife

Never give up on your wishes

Never give on your career

If you had lost faith earlier on

You wouldn’t have even reached here

God has a plan for me, I just have to be patient and it will come.

I remember when things were great and then they worst and became even horrible but I can’t dwell on that and I now realize God has a plan for me, I just have to be patient and it will come.

For a while now, I always wondered why things  never seem to go the way I plan. I thought maybe its because I was such a terrible person or because I was going about things the wrong way, but I had to sit and think wisely and I realized it was actually because I was doing all by myself, I realized it was because I was Mr I don’t need any help. I really did feel like I could do anything and everything without help from anyone but time after time I realized that was a big fat lie, so I reached out to a couple of friends for help and none could do much so I’d even more upset and frustrated, Until one faithful I got a call from an old flame, we hadn’t spoke in quite sometime and she talked to me about how I needed to get closer to God and that was all the help I needed. At that time in my head it sounded crazy because I had given up on religion and God after my mom died but after much of what my friend said I decided to pray and I read the bible; soon afterwards this became a habit and must I say I began to see changes. I honestly felt alot more refreshed and I could say I felt more confident and relaxed, is this God manifesting his will in my life? Or are things just going according to my plans? I had to sit and think of an answer and all I could come up with was this is God’s will manifesting.

Last night, after I got home from a night out with a couple of old co-workers I sat and thought to myself about how fast my life was changing and how I had no control over it, but I have to the conclusion that I won’t obsess over this anymore and i’ll let God take flight in my life. I can honestly say he has changed things for better, even though its not as fast as I want but I do see changes from when I was prayerless.

God’s love is real, he his of a kind of heart and in whatever you speak with him, he his willing and able to answer.

The Lords’ presence all around.

The clouds break forth the streams of light
To dance upon the earth,
And cradled in the sands of time,
Comes a newborn babies” birth.
A gentle breeze blows through the night,
It whispers through the grass,
And ripples on the water form
As rain glistens on the glass.

And you listen to the sound,
The Lords’ presence all around.
He summons us to go
Where peaceful waters flow.

A rainbow arcs across the sky,
A promise is displayed.
The graceful flight of a butterfly,
It takes my breath away.
The autumn leaves in their splendor
Fall gracefully to the earth,
And stars proclaim their song at night,
What is their beauty worth?

And you listen to the sound,
The Lords’ presence all around.
He summons us to go
Where peaceful waters flow.